I had heard of devices similar to the NRG Foot Spa for some time and had experienced one of them with no benefits. So I was very skeptical when a friend suggested I try one of hers. I had no time, but within weeks saw it at an expo, and decided to soak my feet.

Within 25 minutes, I felt energized and cleansed with a noticeable sense of expanded well-being. This has continued with ever-increasing energy levels.

My clients love it, reporting dramatically reduced stress levels and lightness in their bodies. My experience is that as toxins leave the body, there is much less of a burden for the system to deal with, and thus more energy is available for living in joy!
---Raya King, Los Angeles, CA

"I had Lupus, Arthritis, Hepatitis C and I was 40 lbs. overweight, which I attributed to the "just getting old" theory. I tried supplements of every kind to alleviate the pain. Nothing helped. I found the NRG foot spa at a health fair and after the first treatment I noticed the pain in my body was reduced! One year later, after using the foot spa once a week, all of the symptoms have vanished PLUS I dropped 40 lbs.!"
---I.M., Ashland, OR

"I was very ill from chemical exposure. Any treatment I tried, whether chelation therapy, supplements, even plain old Vitamin C, made me deathly ill. I finally found this footbath. I felt tremendous results within an hour after taking my first footbath. I continued treatments every other day for one and a half years. Now I have my health back and I am a new man."
---G.N., Portland, OR

"In the area of general physical health, we have seen vitality improve greatly in certain areas of the body - 10-30% in a single treatment is very common. Nerve functions have normalized from anxiety to calmness in just one session, brain clarity has been noted by others. We have seen Asthma clear after a 15-minute treatment and the need for thyroid and hormonal medication disappear."
---S.R., RN, MS, Portland, OR

"I have been taking the foot spa treatments every couple of days for over eight months. I notice that I feel calmer, more at peace, my skin looks brighter and healthier, and I have more energy than normal. I usually have extremely painful menstrual cycles; I have not experienced this since I began treatments. "
---S.S., Santa Barbara, CA

This device has not been approved by U.S. FDA standards and is currently considered to be a research device. We do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any illnesses.